Bitcoin: The People’s Bailout / Currency VS Money

That topic sounded dramatic huh? After researching this topic for a while I began to understanding the basics of how the economy works and how it controls all of us while making the simple excuse: (It is difficult to understand, don’t worry about it we have smart people handling those tasks)

I found a site which really does a fantastic job of breaking down what should fundamentally be taught in school with a great short series illustration, “But David I am a busy person I don’t have the time to watch all this.” OK – Click on video #4 and spend 20 minutes of your time to learn some seriously important information which should literally change the way you view the entire world. Once you have seen video #4 you will make the necessary time to see the others.

So we are sure that at some point during these five videos some of you sat up in your chair and screamed “OMG BITCOIN!!!” That small (I see it now moment) would be correct, the application of currency using this technology is definitely one of the libertarian aspects that will help usher in some freedom ONCE we all start to get it.

This is one of the reasons we launched The Bitcoin Movement, it costs nothing for you to log on here and learn a little bit about why this technology is so important to the world – The more we believe in and use this system the more we will embrace a system which was created to help as opposed to the regime which has the world in a strange hold to the sum of a US Debt of 17 TRILLION dollars, anybody want to explain to someone who has never seen this video how in the world the US Government owes a private corporation 17 Trillion?

Bitcoin It may not be perfect, but it is INFINITELY better than the lie we currently live in – Truth be told some of you will JUST watch video #4 and flip your desk with pure unadulterated nerd rage. May I suggest you go release that anger in a non destructive way e.g. Punching bag / go scream into a pillow / go lift some weights etc etc.

You have all the right in the world to be mad, You can finally see a logical and clear cut depiction which is backed by fact and illustration as opposed to the rhetoric of a passionate libertarian.

All we ask at The Movement is you take a moment and pass this very important knowledge on to someone, where truth exists ignorance cannot breed deception. Let’s really use the information age to spread a global awareness of what this lawless system has been doing to us for hundreds of years and usher in the dawn of a new era.