Imagine the future

Before we start please note I have given this many years of thought, so I am very zealous in my emotion on the topic. If some of these emotions trigger you in the wrong way, please do not let your feelings stop you from understanding the truth in the words you are about to read.. I am going to paint a picture… a possibility… one of the endless possibilities which could happen in our lifetime.

Imagine a future where wealth is distributed not based on where you are born or who your parents are.. Wealth is just abundant… Where there is enough to go around and every person on the planet has no lack of it.. No one is neglected or down trodden.. We can have a currency and give value to it.. Believe in it..

Imagine a future where we use our abundance to create vertical hydroponic farms which grow more food than we could ever eat… The apple has many seeds which in turn can grow into many more trees.. It was created to be abundant – At present date, there should be no hunger. Due to the emotional irresponsibility of a few people – there is starvation on a mass level.. Imagine if we could change that?

Imagine a world where corporations were autonomous and governments were carefully designed by the people to exist within the laws of love and harmony – where emotionally damaged people do not irresponsibly manipulate governments for greed, by using anger or fear. Instead these systems are used to genuinely protect the interests of everyone. Those who refuse to acknowledge their own condition and lash out in rage or anger are dealt with in a manner more befitting to a human and not a caged animal.

seek-truthImagine a world where the mundane jobs that society hates are no longer forced on people who have been taught since childhood to be a cog in the system. These jobs are instead handled by robotics and technology – e.g. Garbage men, sewer cleaners, service industries. Leaving these down trodden souls to pursue other things to realize their full potential and enjoy the freedom only a few elite people experience today on a daily basis.

Imagine a world where we are taught things in school which hold genuine value in the world around us – how to interact with our fellow man – what emotions are and how they drive the things we do – how to deal with our feelings responsibly without causing others emotional or physical harm.. We would break the cycle of ignorance of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, families, friends, society has had since the dawn of man – we would enter an age of actual enlightenment.. Where wars are not waged for the material gains of a few at the expense of billions of people – instead one is allowed to pursue what they genuinely desire whether it be science / art / spirituality / charity / physical health / agriculture. The list is limited only by our imagination. We would have time to focus on so many things, rather than waste billions and billions of ‘dollars’ waging nonsensical wars we could invest into protecting our world and exploring our universe.

Imagine an egalitarian and libertarian society which lives in harmony as opposed to the totalitarian world we live in – where we genuinely have freedom of speech and thought – where we can impact our societies with the general consensus of many through decentralized systems which are designed to protect us and better our lives. Take every single thing you know which has a middle man and create a decentralized system to replace this person/entity.. The possibilities are endless.


How can we ever expect to achieve even one millionth of the aforementioned points if all we do is run around trying to pay our bills – living in complete emotional ignorance – irresponsibly hating and projecting on everyone around us.. All the while we are controlled by an elite few who are ignorant themselves in why they really do the things they do? The answer is we haven’t ever been able to.. Look at the world around you. Parents/guardians rape/abuse their children in complete ignorance (more than likely they themselves experienced deep seated trauma) and then tell the child I did that because you deserved it..Or I only did this because I love you… This is just ONE example out of millions… Now this child has ingrained in him/her the feeling that it deserves to be abused… Fast forward 28 years later and you have a 32 year old woman who lives with a man who beats her every night and she stays because she ‘loves’ him.. How will we ever break this cycle if we are not taught this in school? Now we have people making statements like Love hurts… No… Love cannot hurt – Love is creation – .. Anger hurts… Sadness hurts… Rejection hurts… Fear hurts.. Pain Hurts… Love is healing.. This stuff is not taught to us – we run around our day to day lives just fighting to keep our head above our debts and we treat each other with no respect or love… and then we die.. Am I the only one who is angered by this?

The world is in a state of ignorance and emotional destruction and we all chase a piece of paper which has no intrinsic value other than the parchment it is printed on. I went to the Amazon in Venezuela a few years ago and stayed with a tribe of Indians deep in the rain forest – I looked around at how they treated each other.. I greatly valued the way they helped and accepted me so I tried to offer them cash and they stared curiously at it for a while.. they then used it to keep their fire going… a much simpler version of the world we live in but watching the effect of how their society evolved without the control of money stunned me.

Do you understand why some of us stand on the top of buildings and shout from the top of our lungs at what some of the implications this infant block chain technology has to offer!? Now we have a real chance to have a currency that belongs to us! Please. I implore you to go do your own research and really start to study what some of these applications are.

Recently someone told me that no government or body backed bitcoin and he wanted to know what gave bitcoin it’s value.. I stared him right in the eye and just said one word. “Freedom..”

imagesI want this message to burn in your respective minds – Once a seed is planted and you give water to it, truth will grow.. It cannot be stopped.. Some people say ignorance is bliss.. I would rather be emotionally destroyed due to my denial of the truth than be embraced in a lie.. Only the truth will set us free, not the denial of it.